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Why is UN Security Council still silent on Corona crisis?

The coronavirus was discovered at seventy eight staff of those United Nations.  China council's presidency may probably conclude on March 3 1 and there isn't any meeting regarding the schedule of this Security Council from March to talk about the worldwide outbreak that is Covid-19.  Even a UN diplomat has described the council's silent around the dilemma influencing stability proves it is not appropriate for your aims of handling the struggles of these changing days.

The hide diplomacy to Increase picture of china
Washington: Coronavirus out-breaks are still grow global.  The amount of people would be highest in the United States.  As stated by the New York Times, the us gets got the most significant quantity of instances of coronavirus on earth.  No assembly was put so much to explore the catastrophe.

Inquiries are presently being increased on China, because China heads the un Security Council.  Coronavirus instances have surpassed 5,30,000 internationally and roughly 24,000 individuals have expired on account of this disorder.  There are significantly a lot more than eighty five significantly a lot more than Italy and China.  Inside the United States, roughly 1,300 individuals have expired because of Covid-19.

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