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Have a look how the babies of celebrities have taken social media by storm!

 Bella and Vienna Bohra, Kavish Mehra, Kainaat Singha- - we investigate a portion of the small children of superstars, who rule Instagram. 

MUMBAI: The fans love to see a greater amount of their number one stars via web-based media stages and the stage is a need in this day and age to interface with the fans. In any case, a portion of these big name kids, as well, have their own Instagram accounts and are undeniable influencers and their number of devotees is very lucky. On Children's Day, we investigate a portion of the somewhat little children, who rule Instagram. 

Bella and Vienna Bohra 

This is the record of entertainer Karanvi Bohra's kid twin little girls, Bella and Vienna. Their profile portrayal calls them narrators too UN Goodwill Ambassadors. The record which has around 5.9 lakh devotees is overseen by their mum, Teejay Sidhu. 

Kavish Mehra 

This is the Instagram handle of Kavish Mehra, the child of entertainers Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal. He got a web-based media account only two months after his introduction to the world and portrays the three-year-old as a baby and inquisitive voyager. He has around 85,000 devotees and his record whenever oversaw by his mom. 


This is the checked handle of Tara, the girl of entertainers Mahhi Vij And Jay Bhanushali's . The one-year-old has more than 1 lakh 35000 devotees up until this point and she likewise does normal brand coordinated efforts by means of her record which is dealt with by her folks. 

Kainaat Singha 

Portrayed as the manager infant, Kainaat Singha is the girl of entertainer TV have Rannvijay Singha and Prianka Singha. The record shares a brief look at the three-year-previous lifestyle's in India and London. She has more than 1 lakh devotees. 

- (Did you realize Star Plus' show Imlie's lead Sumbul Touqeer was a piece of Dhwani Bhanushali's melody 'Vaaste'? ) 

Mehr Dhupia Bedi 

The little girl of entertainers NehaDhupia and Angad Bedi, Mehr has an Instagram account which has more than 32000 devotees. The portrayal of the child, who will turn 2 on November 18, peruses, Sleep-feed-burp-rehash. 

Arham Hussein and Areeza Hussein 

Entertainer Chhavi Mittal's one-year-old child, Arham and seven-year-old girl Areeza have their own Instagram accounts which annals their growing up years. 

Samairra Parmar 

This is Juhi Parmar's girl Samairra's Instagram page. Her depiction peruses, "I love Frozen, Unicorns, Reading, Dancing and Everything beautiful! Kid influencer." The severn-year-old's record which has more than 12,000 adherents is dealt with by my her mum.

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