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Big statement of team management after Raina was taken into custody, said- it was not known

 Sports Desk: Suresh Raina made a ton of features this year. Raina first reported his retirement in the period of August after previous India skipper Dhoni. After that he was unable to partake in IPL this year because of individual reasons. Be that as it may, Raina is indeed in the features. Suresh Raina was found to have abused the standards during the crown and was kept by the police however was delivered on bail a brief timeframe later. Presently the explanation of the group the board of Raina has come out on this. 

Raina's group the executives said that Suresh Raina was in Mumbai for a shoot however he was ablaze for a couple of hours. After this, a companion of his welcomed him to supper. Raina was to get a trip to Delhi from that point. He didn't know about nearby time and convention. 

Raina's group the board additionally said that when Raina came to know about this, he tuned in to the nearby organization and communicated lament for the episode. He had no such information. He generally keeps up the guidelines and laws recommended and he will keep on after it considerably further. 

As per the data got, the gathering Raina was engaged with was running in a lodging close to the air terminal in Mumbai. It is considered as a real part of the most opulent lodgings in Mumbai. There is a night time limitation in Mumbai as of now, in spite of this numerous enormous characters joined this gathering. The Mumbai Police has enrolled a case under Section 188 and Epidemic Act on 34 individuals.

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